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2019 - present

Mr Connol Coan (Andwell)

2018 – 2019

Mr John Rischmiller (Santmichal)

2017 – 2018

Mr Steve Pass (Lygonhall)

2012 – 2017

Ms Julia Manfredi (Prixcan)

2011 – 2012

Mr Raymond Boatwright (Glynpedr)

2008 – 2011

Mr Graham Hicks (Jilgrajon)

1996 – 2007

Mrs Phil Greenwell

1978 – 1996

Mrs Pam Day (Hollesley)

1967 – 1977

Mrs Lucy Sheerboom (Havengore)

1965 – 1966

Mrs Nora Dickin

(32 years as Club Secretary and subsequently President)

1963 – 1965

Mr Fred Bowles

1949 – 1962

Mr Guy Greenwood

1931 – 1949

Mrs Jack Hardy

1923 – 1931

Lt. Col. Z. Walker

1915 – 1922

Mr Mark Beaufoy

1908 – 1914

Lt. Col. Z. Walker

1886 – 1908

Dr Sidney Turner

1883 – 1885

Lord Arthur Cecil

1st President of the OEMC


Sir Arthur Cecil



Born in Old Shoreham, Sussex in 1843, educated at Merchant Taylor's School and St. Guy's Hospital, this distinguished gentleman had an illustrious career in the field of medicine, becoming House surgeon at Guy's, pro-sector of Anatomy Royal College of Surgeons, Fellow of the Zoological Society, member of the council of the Lister Society, to name just a few of his offices. He specialised in biology and contributed regularly in the chief medical journals of the day.

A practitioner of eminence he was heavily involved in the Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine.

He began showing dogs in 1862, became a Kennel Club member in 1881, committee member in 1886 and its Chairman in 1889, the second in its history, a post he held for 22 years.

During his period of office he did much to advance the sport of dog showing, which he


loved so much and advanced the influence of the Kennel Club through public speaking.


As a judge, his opinion was greatly respected and his advice was sought on the difficulties of breeding good Mastiffs. He judged the Kennel Club's 23rd Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, where 50 Mastiffs were present.

In 1883, he was one of the four main founders of our Club and one of the architects of our Breed Standard.

An author of renown, writing in umpteen periodicals for decades, he was the general editor of the Kennel Encyclopaedia and his articles on Mastiffs are still the major reference ideal together with those of his friend Walter Taunton, for those genuinely interested in learning about the breed and breeding for its improvement. The learned articles written by him on the Mendelian theory of breeding still hold true. His knowledge and expertise was sought after by breeders here and in the States, where the Mastiff was becoming more strongly established.

His celebrated Mastiffs included Champions Beaufort, Hotspur, Orlando, Lady Isabel, Lady Elaine, Seabreeze, Isolde, Ayrshire, plus many more. Owning large Kennels of Mastiffs for over 50 years, his breeding records are meticulous, in beautiful copperplate handwriting, with every detail of the dogs written down, including height, weight, length, head circumference, length & depth of muzzle, width of skull, tail length, girth, leg circumference and faults.

He had great skill in modelling dogs in wax, which he subsequently cast in bronze. The passion he felt for dogs led to him becoming Vice-president of Battersea Home for Lost Dogs and Chairman of the Society for the prevention of Hydrophobia.

He was chosen to stand for the by election in Dulwich for the Conservatives in 1910, but stood down in favour of Mr Bonar Law.

During the First World War he was also Chairman of his local Military tribunal. 


His Mastiffs Lady Isabel and Beaufort were often used for many advertisements, especially on the cigarette cards that later became collectables. 

Written for The AW TML 2015

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Crufts:                       Doreen and Gordon Edwards Trophy, Scherboom Memorial Trophy
Birmingham:             RH Thomas Memorial
Scotland:                   Embleton Cup
Bath:                          County Cup
Blackpool:                 Ch Bulger Cup
Windsor:                    20 Guinea cup
SWKA:                       Presidents Cup
Working Breeds:        CH Fatima Cup
East of England:         Kisumu Cup
Leeds:                          40 Guinea Cup
WKC:                          30 Guinea Cup
SKC:                            Prixcan Trophy
Darlington:                 Ch Prixcan Drusus Cup
Midland Counties:     Woodbrook Bowl
Driffield:                     Ch Master Beowulf
W&PBAS:                   Centenury Cup
LKA:                            Ch Volvo of Ileden Cup


Mastiff Bitch of the Year:                   Fred Bowles Collar
Mastiff Dog of the Year:                     Norah Dicken Collar
Breeder of Mastiff of the Year:           Wolsey Cup
BIS at Club Show:                              WK Taunton Memorial cup
BOS at Club Show:                             O.E.M.C. Gold Cup
Best Puppy:                                         O.E.M.C. Puppy Cup
Limit Bitch:                                         Jubilee Cup
Limit Dog:                                           Blackrock Trophy
Reserve CC Bitch:                             Hellingly Cup - Missing Not Returned
Reserve CC Dog:                                 Oliver Cup
Best Puppy in Show:                           40 Guinea cup
Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show:     OEMC Puppy Cup
Best Veteran in Show:                          Cardinal Cup

Trophies are only available to dogs of whom all the owners are fully paid up members with voting rights of the OEMC residing in this country.


For Best Puppy:                    The Withybush Puppy Cup
For Best Brindle Dog:          The Ch Withybush Aethelred Trophy
For Best Brindle Bitch:        The Lady Turk Trophy
For Best Fawn Dog:              The Uther Penarvon Trophy
For Best Fawn Bitch:             Ch Ursula Trophy

Full details of these awards can be obtained from the current Cup Steward




Kindly note OEMC Trophies are no longer permitted to leave the safekeeping of the Cup Steward.


New Puppies Born





A1 - Judges previously approved by the KC to award CC's

Miss T Atkinson, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01635 269056

Mr B Bosch, A1 - Breed Specialist, 0032 89 572741

Mrs M Bromley, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01380 828920

Mrs P Chadwick, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01692 581826

Mr C Coan, A1 - Breed Specialist, 020 8546 2932

Mrs A Collinson, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01948 710259

Mrs H Cook, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01226 754834

Mr K Dickinson, A1 - Breed Specialist, 0771 532 0080

Mrs M Duval, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01953 498346

Mrs Pauline Gittins, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01269 592668

Mrs E Gordon, A1 - Breed Specialist, 1-908-735-6008

Mrs A Griffin, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01694 724759

Mr C Habig, A1 - Breed Specialist, 06732 1842

Mr Colin Hill A1 – Breed Specialist, 01902 790415

Mrs D Mantle-Halley, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01772 814167

Mrs L McKevitt. A1 - Breed Specialist, 01226 294126

Ms Elaine Norris, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01892 526376

Mr Luis Pinto-Tiexeira, A1 - Breed Specialist,

Mr B Sabroe, A1 - Breed Specialist, 004560 778526

Ms H Sargeant, A1 - Breed Specialist, 07778 269265

Ms H Scott, A1 - Breed Specialist, 80538-970-669-0977

Miss G Taylor, A1 - Breed Specialist, 01299 250530

Mrs S Windham, A1 - Breed Specialist, 0513 88178

Mr J Bispham, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01772 627161

Mrs C E Cartledge, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01344 424144

Mr S W Hall, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01254 853526

Mr J Horswell, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01509 674059

Dr R James, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01832 293422

Mr Frank Kane, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01642 485895

Mr Richard C Kinsey, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, Tel : 07809 211135 or 01205 820010 e:

Mr P Lawless, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 00353 45482160

Mr K R Newhouse, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01257 263926

Mr P J Radley, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01863 243005

Ms M Sargent, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01530 249904

Mrs S Searle, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01302 788755

Mr J Smith, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 0121 556 2647

Mr C Thomas, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01780 41014

Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01905 820720

Mr N Waters, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01743 355412

Mrs M Wildman, A1 - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 0151 256 7153


A2 - None

A3 - Judges whom the OEMC support to award CC's but have not yet been approved by the KC

Mrs E Haynes, A3 - Breed Specialist, 01424 432208

B - Judges whom the OEMC support to judge the breed without CC's

Mr K Baldwin, B - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 0151 4984006

Mrs D Harding, B - Breed Specialist, 01 303 250683

Mrs S Hewart-Chambers, B - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01691 658368

Mr S Jones, B - Breed Specialist, 07824 573006

Mrs Sandy Lipman, B - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 02920 689556

C - for aspiring judges who may not yet qualify for list B but have the support of the OEMC.


Mrs V Cook-Smith, C - Breed Specialist, 01709 893541

Mrs V Miller, C - Breed Specialist, 01202 245461

Mr D Simister, C - Breed Specialist, 01354 692050

Mrs K Weston, C - Breed Specialist, 01455 213009

Mrs C Whelan, C - Breed Specialist, 01243 603899

Mr I White, C - Breed Specialist, 07977 075235 - email:

Mrs J Wright, C - Breed Specialist, 07977 075235 - email:

Mrs D Yemm, C - Breed Specialist, 01303 276227

Mr D Bedford, C - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01 953 688251/07815 171006 - email:

Mr B Blunden, C - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01 476 407032

Mrs J Kay, C - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01709 510796

Mrs A King, C - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01283 212233

Ms K Lathaen, C - Non Specialist/All Rounder, 01678 520555


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In 2002 the first Old English Mastiff Club website was created by Lyn Say (Bulliff Mastiffs) in conjunction with a website design company locally based to her called TJS.  Using her knowledge and experience in breeding, owning and showing Mastiff’s Lyn wrote the majority of articles that you can read on this website today.  The guidelines on Puppy Line, such as rearing puppies, feeding Mastiffs and the ‘do’s and don’ts’ are full of common sense and especially worth reading.

Lyn subsequently retired but continued to assist Keith Dickinson (Mullak) who followed as the next editor. Dave McKevitt (Tyketarn) subsequently took over from Keith.

In April 2018 the editorship of the website passed from Dave McKevitt to Tracey Atkinson (Honeycroft). The now 16 year old website was difficult to update - only limited text could be added and no photos without referring to the website hosting company. There was no support contract with the website hosts and they stated the website needed to be updated with a secure https address at a cost of £250. If this work wasn’t completed by July 2018 visitors to the site would receive a message that the site was unsafe and not to visit.

The website was then re-built by this editor over the course of a 6 month period. Although the look of the site is different, the original information and articles remain and new articles and information have been added. Words highlighted in blue are links to other documents, websites or photo’s. 

The cost of hosting the site with the original company was £330 per year and another £300 for 5 Domain names, a total of £630 per year. Including the extra charge of £250 this would have been a cost to the club of £910 at a very difficult time in the Club’s history. The editor decided to look at other options and chose a self build website company, Squarespace. Using this company halved the costs to the club from £630 per year to £312. 

Since November 2020, and after Committee agreement, the website's day-to-day running and development has been taken on by a new party, and at no cost to the club. A more modern and up-to-date appearance and experience, as well as functionality, and the ability to expand ecommerce for instance, was also 'voted on' and agreed. The New Domain is The hosting has also been moved to a platform with greater flexibility. These latter two costs have also been cut down by 2/3rds, in comparison to what was previously being paid. Obviously, a great saving to the Club, as well as a more professional and functionable website moving forward.

The website is continuously under review and continuous development and is regularly updated.  If you find any errors on this site, or wish for amendments or additions, then please contact us.


The OEMC would like to thank the contributors to this website:  Dog World, Frank Garwood, Diana Pearce, Alan Walker, John Hartley and Anne Roslin Williams for their photographic contributions.  April 18 Open show photo's:


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