Frequently asked questions


How BIG do they get?

Very...! Known to be the biggest by mass in the World. There is no real maximum size, but on average females will be minimum 70cm (27.5inches) and males 76cm (30 inches). Bitches weigh 54 - 77 kg (120 - 170 lbs) and dogs at 73 - 104 kg (160 - 230 lbs).

How much do they eat?

While they are still growing they eat a lot but their needs reduce as they grow older and adopt a less active lifestyle. You will get plenty of help and guidance about feeding from your breeder when you get your puppy and it is best to follow their suggested regime until you feel confident to make whatever changes are needed.

How long do they live?

Never long enough! Sasdly it is not usual for Mastiifs to reach double figures. Some do but most don't. Eight years of age is a realistic target and everything over that is a wonderful bonus.

Are they aggressive?

Normally not. They are known for being a passive, laid back breed. However there is shyness in the breed, and if a shy Mastiff is pushed beyond their endurance limit and fight is not an option, then they could act to protect themselves. This is why it is important to spend plenty of time with your selected breeder so you can see the temperament of your puppies parents and othger relatives. Once you have your puppy make sure they are well socialised.

What type of dog is a Mastiff?

One of the most ancient of dog breeds and going back over 5000 years, they have evolved from being the ferocious Molossus type war dogs seen depicted in Roman art fighting lions and bears, to the now friendly, laidback and calm 'gentle giant' characteristics found today. Officially known simply as the Mastiff, they are often called Old English or English Mastiff's.


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How long do they live?

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