The Old English Mastiff Club
Annual General Meeting 2022


This is to be held at Bearley Village Hall at the end of the Club's Open Show on Sunday 24th April.

Further notice, together with the agenda, end of year accounts, committee report etc, will follow in due course.

Any member who wishes to provide items for the agenda of the AGM should send their proposals with the names and signatures of the Proposer and Seconder to the club secretary.

Any proposals should be received no later than two months prior to the meeting.


Malcolm Gittins (Cwmtysswg) - It is with great sadness we have to inform you of the passing of Malcolm Gittins. 


He had been involved in Mastiffs for a very long time and was a well known and well respected breeder under his affix of Cwmtysswg, as well as a member of the OEMC.


Apart from his love of mastiffs, Malcolm's other interest lay in Shire horses which he also bred and showed until recently.  He and his wife Pauline, were often seen at shows with Malcolm taking a keen interest in the dogs being shown on the day. 


He will be greatly missed not only for his knowledge and breeding of Mastiffs but also for his kindness, good manners and sense of humour. 


The officers and committee of the OEMC offer our deepest condolences to Pauline and the members of his family.

It is with great regret that we saw the passing of Mrs Heather Johnson on Wednesday 6th January 2021, we send our deepest condolences to Heathers family.

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With great regret that we saw the passing of Mr John Bromley on Friday 11th December 2020, we send our deepest condolences to his wife Margaret and their children.


OEMC Newsletter

The Mastiff Legacy (TML)

The Mastiff Legacy is the newsletter of the old English Mastiff Club and is made possible thanks to the generosity of the late Mr Gordon Edwards who died in 1988.

The glossy newsletter of the OEMC was first published in 1996.  Originally called The Big Boys Own, the editor was Lyn Say (Bulliff Mastiffs) who took over editorship of the Club's newsletter from Miss Barbara Blackstone in 1994 and continued to edit the newsletter for 11 years until 2005.

In 2002 a decision was made by the committee to change the name and it became The Mastiff Legacy, well known as TML.  

In 2006 Richard Thomas produced one edition (no. 21) before emigrating to Spain.

In 2007 Tracey Atkinson (Honeycroft Mastiffs) became the editor and produced the newsletter for the next 10 years until 2017.

2018 to 2021 - Dave McKevitt (Tyketarn Mastiffs)

2021 to present - Emma Frew



A Confiscation Order has been granted by the Court against Stephen Pass and he has been ordered to pay £110,940.55 to the OEMC within 3 months.

As the repayment is dependent on the sale of his house, and currently no offers have been made, it may take longer than 3 months. If this is the case Stephen Pass can return to court to request extra time.  The maximum extension the court could grant would be a further 3 months.

If Stephen Pass does not pay the compensation within the time specified the court can impose 12 months imprisonment.


OEMC vs Stephen Pass 13th June 19


13th June 2019

A Confiscation Order has been granted by the Court against Stephen Pass and he has been ordered to pay £110,940.55 to the OEMC within 3 months.

As the repayment is dependent on the sale of his house, and currently no offers have been made, it may take longer than 3 months. If this is the case Stephen Pass can return to court to request extra time.  The maximum extension the court could grant would be a further 3 months.

If Stephen Pass does not pay the compensation within the time specified the court can impose 12 months imprisonment.

18th April 2019

At Winchester Crown Court on the 18th April 19, Stephen Pass was sentenced to 3 years in prison. The offence was Fraud by Abuse of Position. Offence Date: 1/9/2012 - 13/3/2018

2nd March 2019

On the 27th February 2019 at Winchester Crown Court, Mr Stephen Pass entered a plea of guilty to the charge of Fraud by Abuse of Position.  The case was adjourned until the 18th April 2019 for sentencing reports.  Steps are being taken to recover the amount of £110,000 for the club and we will update you with further news when we receive it.

OEMC Committee

2nd January 2019

Below you will find the latest update from Hampshire Police.  As you will see, a date has been arranged for Mr Pass to appear at court on 15th January 2019. 

We can inform you that the sums involved are in excess of £90,000.  As soon as we know what course of action has been taken, we will be able to discuss and answer questions more fully, hopefully at the AGM in April.

John Rischmiller, President and Press Officer, OEMC

Hampshire Constabulary can confirm that a man is due to appear at court to face a charge of fraud following postal requisition.  Stephen Pass, 64, of Green Lane, Monxton, Hampshire, is due to appear at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court On Tuesday 15th January 2019.  The Charge relates to an alleged fraud at the Old English Mastiff Club during a period between 1st September 2012 and 13th March 2018.

16th November 2018

Further to the statement given to the members at the AGM held on the 29th April 18, we can now inform the membership that the case has been submitted to the CPS for a charging decision. The membership will be updated when we receive further information.

OEMC President and OEMC Treasurer

Further to my previous statement dated 6th December 2017.

The Annual General Meeting of the Old English Mastiff Club was held on Sunday 29th April 2018 at Bearley Village Hall.


A fruitful and informative meeting was held with an opportunity for the members present to question the committee regarding their future aspirations. However this was constrained by a statement from Hampshire Constabulary.

The incident was reported to Yorkshire police on November 13th 2017, and Hampshire police received the report on January 25th 2018, where officers began an investigation.

A 63 year old man from Hampshire voluntarily attended a police station and was interviewed under caution in connection with this investigation.

Officers are continuing enquiries and it would not be appropriate to disclose further details at this stage while a live investigation is underway.

The KC have been informed from the onset, they are also aware that the decision not to present the accounts to the membership was done following the advice of the police as we are not as yet at liberty to disclose the amounts involved therefore would be unable to deliver an accurate statement to the membership, however this will be done at the earliest opportunity following advice from the police and the KC.  

Please be assured that the club will continue to function as normal and does remain financially secure. I will make further statements when the opportunity becomes available.

The chair called for a vote of thanks for Mr & Mrs McKevitt and Mr & Mrs Cook and the committee for all the time and hard work that they had done preparing material to assist the police investigation. 

All in favour.

John Rischmiller President and Press Officer


Heather Johnson (Terheath)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Heather Johnson who passed away on 6th January 2021.


Heather was a Life Member of the OEMC having been a member since 1982, the same year she acquired her first Mastiff. She was a great animal lover, but her Mastiffs were her life. Many was the time I would phone her, and she would be sharing a cream cake with Noah or “my precious boy “as she referred to him. Her Mastiffs never wanted for anything. Most Wednesday afternoons for the past twenty years, Heather made a three hour round trip to take her Mastiffs swimming in a dog leisure pool purely for their enjoyment. The dogs were then treated to a sardine and scrambled egg supper to complete their day.

Heather lived close to the South of England Showground and supported all the Shows that were held there when Mastiffs were scheduled. She would be seen ringside relishing seeing all the dogs together, her idea of heaven.

Heather and Betty Baxter were great friends and would spend hours chatting to each other most days on the phone. They both refused to enter the 21 st century and Heather was adamant that she would never have a mobile phone or that computer thing that she thought was ridiculous and totally unnecessary. She also shared a great friendship with Val Higgs, and she missed them both a great when they sadly passed away. Richard Thomas and Peter Tugwell were good friends and Heather often spoke of how she loved their dogs and enjoyed her visits to see the Bredwardine Mastiffs.

Heather had many friends in the Mastiff community and will be fondly remembered for her vast knowledge and interesting stories of Mastiffs.


Heather’s health deteriorated towards the end of last year and she spent her last few months in Acorn Lodge Care Home in East Grinstead where she was well looked after. I spoke to her the week prior to her passing and she sounded relaxed and happy, a memory I will cherish.


Heather is survived by her son Nick, her sister Maggie and their families, to whom we offer our sincere condolences. Sadly, due to the pandemic we will not be able to attend Heather’s funeral, but her life will be celebrated by her Mastiff friends, hopefully later this year. Nick has requested that any donations in Heather’s memory should be made to the PDSA, a charity close to her heart.


Farewell Heather, all your dogs will be delighted to be reunited with you, you were a true dog lover and a dear friend who will be sorely missed.


Claire Whelan


After a period of 10 years involving letters, phone calls, DNA testing and the employment of Solicitors and a Barrister, the KC finally agreed to a compromise over the pedigree of Jengren Mr Milligan who’s Dam was unknown.  This settlement was agreed on 23rd November 2009 and a Notice of Discontinuance was lodged at the High Court.  At the time of the settlement over 119 registered puppies’ pedigrees were affected.

The exact wording of the relevant part of the agreements is as follows:

“The KC shall place a note on its data base of current registrations against the records of Jengren Mr Milligan and his progeny as follows:
The pedigree of this dog/bitch is subject to a query over the breeding of Jengren Mr Milligan x generations ago”

Both parties agreed to pay their own costs.

Brief Background to the Case

In November 2000, the Mastiff Association wrote to the KC about a breach of KC rule 42 stating that there was evidence to support that Jengren Wilma was not the Dam of Jengren Mr Milligan.  They received a reply promising to take up the matter with the breeder and to keep the MA informed. 

In January 2001 it transpired that the KC had agreed with the breeder that the pedigree was to be changed to ‘Dam Unknown’.  It was felt that this made a mockery of the KC’s registration system as there was no evidence provided to support that ‘Dam Unknown’ was a pedigree dog.  The reason given by the KC was that this was obviously a Mastiff to Mastiff mating.  The OEMC sent a letter of complaint to the KC and requested this be changed to ‘Mastiff Dam Name Unknown’ as damage limitation for the breed. 
This was refused and the OEMC appealed the decision in June 2002.

In July 2002 the KC agreed to the amendment and the OEMC believed the matter closed.

June to August 2006.  Following continuing adverse publicity the Hon Sec at that time, Mr Glyn Payne, purchased a copy of Mr Milligan’s pedigree from the KC.  Mr Tugwell urged legal redress in this matter and hire a Barrister.  The committee decided on DNA testing first and letters were sent to owners of relevant dogs from whom blood samples were required.  All owners, with the exception of one, complied.  The samples were sent to a laboratory in Germany as no UK lab wanted to become involved in the dispute.  At this point there were 78 dogs with incomplete pedigrees.  All information was collated and sent to the solicitor.  The KC were contacted but refused to discuss the matter further.

In August 2006 Messrs Thomas & Tugwell re-homed 3 dogs as their owners were unable to keep them and it transpired that one of the Mastiff’s was Mr Milligan (he was thought to have died sometime before).  Further DNA samples were collated and sent to the legal team and Barrister acting on behalf of the OEMC & MA and a case was drafted. 

At the OEMC AGM held on 27th April 2008, members voted to continue with the court case against the KC.