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Since 1967 the OEMC has supported and supplied a Rescue scheme for the relief of dogs whose owners have died, emigrated or fallen upon hard times.  This originally covered financial help with fees for X-raying dogs which suffered from hip dysplasia.  At the behest of the committee a strict code of practice was evolved and approved and at the AGM in 1983 Mr Graham Hicks agreed to become the first Director of the Scheme.  Home checks were carried out by members all over the country, and the Hicks family took rescued dogs into their home until they could be placed. 

Subsequent Rescue co-ordinators kennelled dogs considerably increasing the costs of the scheme.  Due to the difficulties in home checking and increased number of calls from people with other large breeds, not Mastiffs, it was very difficult to find volunteers to operate the Rescue scheme.  At a special general meeting held on 27th April 2008, Mr D Proudfoot stated that the committee of the OEMC had failed to run a breed rescue service.  After the last Rescue co-ordinator resigned a replacement could not be found and as this was a voluntary position the Rescue service had only been able to operate on a limited basis with no official co-ordinator. 

Mr Steve Jones and Mrs Debbie Dickinson volunteered to take over the running of the rescue service but used a different format to the previous scheme which involved putting people in touch with each other and leaving them to decide if the dogs/homes were suitable.  People were encouraged to keep their dogs until a suitable home could be found and in some cases they changed their minds and kept their dogs.  This reduced the costs of running the scheme and the liability to the OEMC considerably and no home checks were required. This proved to be very successful and it was agreed that a new name was required to convey a different image.

At the AGM in 2010 the members of the OEMC voted unanimously to change the existing Rescue scheme and Rescue code and to replace it with the Re-homing scheme consisting of:

  • A Mastiff welfare scheme for the benefit of full members of the OEMC who have found themselves suffering accidents, death or severe domestic crisis and

  • A Mastiff re-homing help line for non members.

  • The website would be used to advertise any genuine Mastiff re-homing cases.